Greeley Farmers Market: A Community Hub for Local Businesses and Neighbors

Inside the Greeley Winter Farmers Market, vendors set up their booths early Saturday morning ready to serve all customers.

When hundreds of customers flood the Greeley Farmers Market to shop, the smells of fresh coffee and baked goods greet their senses. It’s Saturday, and the market is open.

Located at Zoe’s Cafe and Events on 715 10th Street, the winter farmers market is open from 9a.m. -noon on the first and third weekend of the month. The farmers market offers a wide variety of products from small businesses in Greeley.

Joslyn Joseph, a resident of Greeley, believes that the farmers market instills a sense of community between its customers and vendors. Joseph appreciates how the farmers market allows her to get to know her neighbors and new small businesses.

“When you walk in the room, everybody knows each other,” Joseph said. “It just feels like walking into a family reunion that just happens to be selling things.”

The market is run by Andrea Haring, the event coordinator for the city of Greeley. Haring is always scouting for new vendors. Those looking to become a vendor in the market can fill out an application on the City of Greeley website. Once accepted, vendors must provide all certifications and licenses. Depending on the vendors and season, booth fees can range from $75 to $300. 


​Denise Schieffer, owner of Rise and Pies, has a booth at the summer and winter markets. Schieffer fell in love with making sourdough after an assignment in culinary school, where she created an organic starter and kept it alive for the semester. Rise and Pies was created in 2016 after she graduated from the California Culinary Arts Institute. Schieffer finds the environment of farmers markets to have great energy. 

​“I love developing a relationship with the customers,” Schieffer said. “I love to have fun with people. It can be this constant rush of looking at the line and making that connection with people.”

The farmers market has a summer and winter season. The summer season lasts from May through October at the Depot located at 902 7th Avenue and the winter season from November through April. Although there are fewer vendors during the winter season, the market continues to provide fresh produce and health care items.

Jennifer Christine participates in both seasons. She creates all-natural skin care products and started her business in 2020. Before creating her business, she would distribute her products to her family.

Christine has been selling at the Greeley Farmers Market since 2021. She has sold her products in many different markets, but considers Greeley her home. She enjoys the market and when she is not hosting her booth, she takes time to visit other vendors. 

“On my off weeks, I try to go and support my local vendors and shop locally,” Christine said.

As the market season comes to an end, people make their final rounds and purchases, leaving with a sense of community and new small businesses introduced to their lives.

The Greeley Farmers Market began in 1993 and has been growing in vendors since. The market accepts card payments and will provide customers with vouchers to purchase items. Additionally, the market accepts SNAP, EBT, and WIC.


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