Empowering Creativity: Michener Library’s Recording Studio

The Michener Recording Room includes: a Huddle cam mounted on a tripod, Document camera, two Limo Studio 500 LED photography lights, two 600-watt soft box photography lights, computer with Camtasia and Panopto software, green screen backdrop and a Yeti microphone for recording audio.

Nestled in the corner of the second floor in Michener Library, a recording studio stands as a beacon for expression. It’s equipped with professional-grade equipment that students and faculty at the University of Northern Colorado can utilize to help bring their digital visions to life.

The inspiration for the room started with the One Button Recording Studio at the Penn State University Library. Recently, there’s been a growing demand across university libraries for producing digital content like podcasts and videos. This studio came to Michener at just the right time.

Dave White, the libraries facilities manager, discussed the growing importance of digital resources, especially in academic libraries.

“As we move more and more digital, it’s become an increased need for all students,” White said.

When the recording studio first opened in the library in 2016, it was equipped with basic tools: lights, a green screen, a tripod and a microphone primarily for podcasting. Initially, students and faculty needed to check out a camera from the front desk.


By 2019, recognizing it needed more functionality, the room received significant upgrades. A Huddle cam and a dedicated workstation featuring advanced editing software, such as Panopto and Camtasia, were introduced. To make the room more appealing, soundproofing was added last year to ensure high quality recordings from every session.

Some of the hurdles that Sarah Vaughn, the head of user and delivery services at Michener, faced when initially creating the idea for the room was budgeting, and trying to find a balance between sophisticated technology and a user-friendly interface.

“We’ve seen what the other universities have done and there’s some cool other options out there,” Vaughn said. “If we had an unlimited budget, we’d be able to do cooler things.”

The recording room is more than just a collection of high-tech equipment, it’s evidence of UNC’s commitment to fostering a culture of creativity and innovation. It offers a vital resource for those in the UNC community who lack personal access to such advanced technology. Having a studio such as this available to all students and faculty gives them the opportunity to explore their creative potential.

Recognizing the importance of student input in shaping the recording studio’s future, Vaughn emphasized her openness to suggestions.

“If you have ideas for making it better let us know,” Vaughn said. “We love feedback.”

Available for reservations for up to four hours a day, the Michener recording studio doesn’t only accommodate a variety of digital projects, but also stands as a symbol of UNC’s dedication to providing students and faculty the modern educational tools and innovative technologies they need in today’s digital age.


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