Defense “Rains” Supreme in Bears Spring Showcase

The Bears defensive line are all smiles after having a dominate spring showcase.

UNC held the football team’s annual Spring Showcase on Saturday afternoon at a rainy and cold Nottingham Field. The dubbed “Blue versus Gold Showcase” gave the players the opportunity to buckle the pads up one last time before regular season camp and fans to see what the Bears have been cooking.

The premise of the showcase pitted the offense and the defense against each other and was fashioned off a one point scoring system. 

If the offense scored a touchdown from the 50, kicked a field goal or drove the ball from the 25 yard line past the 50, it was a point for the offense. If the defense stopped any of the offense’s drives by forcing a three and out, turnover on downs, interception or fumble, then the defense would be awarded a point. The final score of the showcase saw the defense winning 13 to 6. 

For most of the showcase, the defense was dominating on all aspects from pass coverage, bringing the pressure on the rush as well as containing the run game. The defense forced multiple three and outs as well as creating turnovers via two interceptions from defensive back Franky Morales and linebacker Sione Tuha. Special teams got a hand in as well by blocking one field goal attempt.

Offense started to pick up the momentum in the final 15 minutes as the ball was moving very well on the ground and in the air. Running Back, Caden Meis was a bulldozer on the ground and saw a majority of the carries for offense. He bullied his way through the line of scrimmage and despite being tackled by multiple defenders, he was able to truck his way for extra yardage. 


The best play of the scrimmage came by the air when sophomore wideout Brayden Munroe, caught a 50 yard touchdown pass from freshman quarterback Kaiden Box. The last touchdown scored by the offense was in the red zone after wide receiver Oliver Ortiz caught a 14 yard pass off a drag route from under the defense.

Head coach Ed Lamb who is entering his second season with the Bears liked what he saw from both sides of the ball and thought that despite the weather, everyone stepped up to the challenge and gave it their all.

“Upfront the defensive line was giving continuous solid pressure allowing the secondary and the linebackers to make plays…the whole offense stepped up as the scrimmage went on and as the weather drove out. We were able to get a little more compliment to the passing game and the running game and that changed everything and made the defense back off a little bit” Lamb said.

The next month will allow the coaches to go over film from the showcase and look at the spring recruiting class. Players will have the month off and will return to practice and gear up for the first regular season game. That game will be in San Antonio, Texas against Incarnate Word on August 31st.


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